What is mystic?

Simply, mystic is a server which hosts web sites for NSW SES Units.

What services does it offer?

The main reason mystic exists is to provide an environment for hosting NSW SES Unit web pages free of charge. It runs the Apache web server along with a number of Open-source based applications to provide a rich web-hosting environment.

The other main function mystic provides is email address mapping to enable Units using the server to have email addresses within their Unit's official nsw.ses.gov.au name space. It runs the GNU Mailing List Manager to host SES related mailing lists.

If your Unit already has a web site we can provide a mapping for your Unit in the ses.nsw.gov.au domain to your ISP. Drop me an email if you'd like to do this.

If you'd like to use mystic to host your Unit's web pages you will need to get an account on mystic to allow you to upload and maintain your web pages. Use this form to do this.

Resources for Web site developers

If you are new to developing web pages for your Unit you may find the following resources helpful:

Below is a list of applications and extensions that are available for you to use. Click on the "HowTo" links where available for instructions on using them with your web site.


Other Stuff
Locally developed SES specific Sites currently hosted

SES Units SES Region Headquarters Other Sites

More Information & Contact?

If you have any questions about the server or the service it provides send me an email .

Last Updated: 9/10/2008
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